El Quatre Barcelona

El Quatre this year 2016 celebrates 30 years.

From our beginning up to today the world of the Art has changed very much as for the way of spreading it. Of those catalogues that we were sending by post postcard to the e-mail, of the calls for telephone to the social networks and definitively, the technology has imposed a new way of observing the world that surrounds us and certainly to the Art.
To celebrate these 30 years we have proposed to realize 30 exhibitions of 30 of our artists in 30 weeks during every 2016.
We invite you to visit the page assiduous … it will not have an equal day .. and certainly to visiting our Gallery because the Art is a live emotion though, nowadays, it could observe virtually.

Toni Becerra anglès

Our Artist

  • Bayón, Coque

  • Artigasplanas

  • Naylor, David

  • De la Rosa, Javier

  • García Román, Carlos

  • Moya, Miguel Angel

  • Castillero, Manuel

  • Guerrero, Cristina

  • Diaz, Carlos

  • Vila Cañellas, Josep Maria

  • Sánchez Luengo, Marta

  • Barahona, Antonio

  • Vives Fierro, Antonio

  • Asensio, Àngel

  • Bartolomé Rey, Victor

  • Castanys, Mònica

  • Cuadrado, Irene

  • Becerra, Toni

  • Blanqué, Tatiana

  • Curiá, Jesús

  • Cisquella, Josep

  • Abbad, Jorge

  • Vives Fierro, Clàudia

  • Abelló, Joan

  • Muro, Carlos

  • Serra, Mireia

  • Escauriaza, Juan

  • Marijuan, Carlos

  • Morago, Alberto

  • Martín Iglesia, Raimundo

  • Marqués, Julia

  • Martinez Lozano, Josep