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Claudia Vives Fierro

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Mònica Castanys


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Elena Molinari


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Tejados Fernando Pérez Beltrán


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El Quatre puts within reach of your hand the possibility of buying artworks of way online across the computer. You will be able to accede to the painting and the most contemporary sculpture of a comfortable and simple way. In our gallery of art online any person  will be able to buy art of the first quality with only a click, fulfilling this way the aim for which El Quatre adds to the new technologies: to take the art to the whole world.

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Elena Molinari



Àngel asensio

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The contemporary city


A clasic


The sea in house

Human figure

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Norberto Gonzalez


Power to the imagination

After 30 years of physical presence,the art gallery from Barcelona El Quatre rises to the Internet cloud and is reinvented like  Art gallery online at the disposal of all the persons who are interested by the painting and the sculpture more contemporaries with the same quality that has characterized us during all these years.

  We hope that you should like our offer in figurative and realism contemporary by our Art Gallery online.

“Our desire is to get that the original artworks with quality, can be affordable to everyone”

Rosa Ferrer and Xabier Fernández
Owners of “El Quatre on Cloud”