• ``If when I read a good novel I live it as if it were the protagonist,
  • When I see the pictures of Monica Castanys
  • I feel the heat of the sun, the well-being of vacations, the pleasure of summer
  • And the joy of free time. ``

With a palette of colors that recalls the impressionist, but with a more expressive stroke and a special taste to illuminate these summer scenes, the painter offers an enigmatic cartography of its imagined metropolis.


A place where he becomes a “voyeur” and can observe with discretion, from where he portrays, without questioning or disturbing, random models that walk quietly.


At the same time, he zooms in on his work [life in the public space is a recurring theme of his oils on wood] and focuses, more and more, on highlighting the female figure within this slow time.


They are tourists who are discovering a city, fixing the gaze on all the details where the habitual, hurried passers-by, would never repair. Only the artist, who transgresses the commonly accepted norm of the portrait and turns the figure renounces the face, knows and can reveal the mystery: Where all these
Women in a hurry?


Aina Mercader, Art Criticism