Carlos Díaz en El Quatre

Barcelona, 1968

  • ``My paintings present urban scenes, realistic scenarios.
  • Open visions treated with bright lights (light as the main concept)
  • where human absence plays a fundamental role,
  • but not his way through those scenarios. ``

Carlos Díaz's workshop

The painting by Carlos Díaz highlights the poetic power that the contemporary urban landscape can have through painting.

The artist magnificently captures the lights, the reflections and the colors of corners of cities where the traces of daily life are seen, which he paints without tricks or deceptions, with his beauty and with his defects. It does not idealize reality but captures it, emphasizing its beauty and its ability to suggest.

The city of Carlos Díaz seduces by its atmosphere, by its transparent and vibrant light, by the colors of its buildings and by the vitality that there is in its streets, even if they paint them empty of people … a surprising city, sometimes hard, but also human and breathable, treated with a realism of evident modernity that is not alien to commitment.