• I paint out of necessity personnel and as life way.
  • From child I always liked drawing very much, so much that was my favorite game.
  • With the time this game was turning into a way of extracting part of me and in my best partner.
  • I wanted to focus my career concerning the illustration but in an unexpected way the painting turned into my form of sustenance.
  • In my painting defined as hyperrealist, generally I use the oil as a way since for its characteristics it helps me in my slow creation process.
  • In the personal thing I look for the calmness on all the things and this wish is what I try to reflect in my work.
  • In the last years, my look centers on the water, specifically on the sea.
  • I am interested in the empty sceneries, free of noises and contamination, alone nature.
  • I think about how to represent the serenity and the freedom sensation,
  • trying to do this way a call to the spectator to whom it is necessary to wake up consciences to preserve what surrounds us.

Carlos García Román, to paint the sea

The sea has been an inspiration motive during the whole art history, although it is true that the constitution and independence of the genre of painting of marinas was quite progressive. Tied to the scenery and relegated to backdrop of other main topics its representation constituted the stage of numerous historical topics, of genre or portraits.


The paintings of Carlos García Román do without any additional element that they distract the look; he paints the sea in its extract across its most representative characteristics. The water, the froth, the swell, the horizon and the ground are elements more than sufficient to structure a few hyperrealistic compositions.


Its impeccable invoice, by means of oil, allows him to represent the varied effects of light, colour and transparency of the sea. A skill, fruit of the good one to do, that makes possible even to perceive the physical qualities of this one and to evoke with only an image the noise of the waves, the cool of the water and the smell of salt, an enjoyment for the senses