• I've always thought it a shame that a picture viewer is left only with the image of the final result.
  • In the case of my painting, I seem sadder if possible, because, although it represented part of a reality or many realities together,
  • there are changes and deletions will change while I paint the picture.
  • The reality caught in photographic images helps me to create a world, not real but possible.
  • Why settle only what we see and how we see it; in my paintings it is the only place where I can create a simple world.
  • Only what matters most to me is.
  • People I know, unknown endearing and surprising subjects portrayed in my paintings are the way to show the territory in which I live and defend.

How and where Pablo works

Pablo Maeso. Illustrations for Sant Jordi.

The artist whose illustrations accompany this supplement is Pablo Maeso (Barcelona, 1964). Linked to the new Catalan realism movement, he participated in collective ‘Realism vanguard’ and ‘Realism in Catalonia’, and in recent years has exposed in  Pares, Ammiano and El Quatre galleries, among others. In his work he aims to achieve an effect


“In touch with the daily says. I like to represent my characters when they are absorbed, thoughtful, stunned. The invented scenario is often, but using buildings or real landscapes. The starting point generates an idea, a phrase or painting itself. A series with a similar color or tone, a certain framings, diagonal or central compositions … I helped a lot of computer. From a concept and photographs I compose a fixed plane, like a frame; … an accurate drawing and painting with acrylic flat areas makes my work. ”


His work seeks the atmosphere, than the story and suggests a story. It is a painting, in the best sense of the word, literary, and so we felt it particularly suitable for this special Sant Jordi.


Special Sant Jordi in La Vanguardia 04/23/2013

Last individual exhibitions


“Historias verdaderas” Galería Juan Amiano. Pamplona


“Cosas que pasan” Galería el Quatre, Granollers, Barcelona


Sala Parés, Barcelona


Galería El Quatre, Granollers, Barcelona.


Casa Valls, Ciutadilla, Lleida


30 años de la Galería el Quatre, Marzo de 2016.

Last group exhibitions


Noviembre 2010, Barcelona.

Pequeño Formato, El Quatre Sala ArtMadrid,, El Quatre Sala d´art, Febrero de 2010, Madrid.

Galería Barnadas, Pequeño Formato d´art, Diciembre 2010, Granollers, Barcelona


ArtMadrid, El Quatre Sala d´art, Febrero de 2011, Madrid.

Galería Estela Docal, Realismos, Marzo de 2011, Santander.

La Cave, Ginebra, Mayo de 2011, Suiza.

El Quatre, 25 años, 13 de Mayo de 2011.

Pequeño formato, Barnadas, Noviembre 2011.

Pequeño formato, El Quatre, Diciembre de 2011.


Galería Barnadas, Peces d´una  Col.lecció, Enero 2012.

ArtMadrid, El Quatre Sala d´art, Febrero de 2012, Madrid.

Lille, El Quatre Sala d´art, Abril de 2012, Francia.

Strasburgo, El Quatre Sala d´art, Noviembre 2012, Francia.

Gran Hotel Central, Noviembre 2012, Barcelona.


Art Tetris, El Quatre, Diciembre de 2012, Barcelona.
Lille, Abril 2013, Francia.
Estela Docal, colectiva verano 2013, Santander.
ArtMadrid, Febrero 2013, Madrid.
Apartedicions Diciembre 2013, Barcelona


ArtMadrid, Febrero 2014, Madrid.

Taller Perill, Marzo  2014, Barcelona.

Galería Ramón  Echeberria, Julio 2014, San Sebastian.

“El Cine” Galería Ramon Echeberria, Septiembre de 2014, San Sebastian.

“Un mundo real”,  Galería el Quatre, Diciembre de 2014, Barcelona.

Colectiva de Nadal, Sala Rosinyol, Diciembre de 2014, Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

Galeria Estela Docal, Diciembre de 2014, Santander.


Art Madrid, Febrero de 2015, Madrid.

Colectiva, Galeria Murillo, Junio 2015, Oviedo.

Colectiva, ArteModusOperandi, Octubre de 2015, Madrid.

Colectiva Apartedicions, Navidad 2015, Barcelona.


“Romeo y Julieta”, El Liceo, Mayo de 2016, Barcelona.

Arte Modus Operandi, “Germen”, Abril de 2016, Madrid.