• He is a sober artist, foreign to the tinsel and the fanfare;
  • There is nothing of baroque in his work.
  • In the visions of his natal Seville, contemplates from the distance,
  • Everything is succinct and serious, far from artifices.
  • The city of the Guadalquivir, one offers us plunged in the distance.
  • It propitiates to silences and intimacies.
  • There is also a touch of melancholy, enclosed of loneliness, which expresses across a harmonic chromatism and without stridencies.

Raimundo Martin an awkward and protest painter

” For one year and a half the montages of this artist have given the round-the-world trip. Topics like the thud to Bush, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians or the economic difficulties of the citizens have centred a few messages that have managed to be in the routes of the principal tourist guides of the city: ”

My art has gone out in all the written and audio-visual means. Up to the CNN it has been here recording me. Every day tourists were coming to take photographies. I was very proud because the people were estimating what I was doing “.

Article of the Diary of Seville



Segundo Premio de los Carteles de la Cruz de Mayo.

Patio de Banderas, Sevilla.


Finalista. Primer concurso de dibujo del Área Cultural del distrito V.Ayt. de Sevilla.


Primer Premio. Concurso de Fotografía CREATIVA “Skate Magazine” y Publicación de la misma..


Primer Premio. Concurso Nacional de Reportaje Grafico “360” y publicación del mismo, San Sebastián.


Finalista. Premio Nacional de Pintura “Alonso Miguel de Tovar” Obra “Guadalquivir, el amanecer”. Higuera de la Sierra. Huelva.

Finalista. Premio Nacional de Pintura “Alonsa Miguel de Tovar”obra “Mareas bajas” Huelva.

Mención. Homenaje a Pablo del Barco, Galería de Arte “Luis Verri”, La Puebla del Río. Sevilla.


Finalista y Diploma. “Muestra de Artes Plásticas, Ciudad de Dos Hermanas”. Sevilla.

Finalista. “Primer Certamen Provincial de Pintura, Ciudad de Cantillana”. Con la obra, “Fabrica de pimientos”. Sevilla.

Seleccionado. XLVI Certamen Nacional de Pintura de Gibraleon. Huelva.

Finalista. II Premio Nacional de Pintura “Alonso Grosso” secc. Cultural distrito V. Ayto. de Sevilla.

PRIMER PREMIO. “Certamen Nacional de Pintura, Torre del Oro”, Sevil


Finalista. “V Premio Nacional de Pintura Rural” Caja Rural de Sevilla.

PRIMER PREMIO. Concurso Nacional de Pintura “Barrio de Triana” a.vv. Santa Ana. Triana, Sevilla.

Seleccionado por triplicado. XII Muestra de Artes Plásticas “Las Palmillas” La Puebla del Río, Sevilla.

PRIMER PREMIO, “IV Concurso Nacional de Pintura de la Palma del Condado”. Huelva.