• ``I've always drawn,
  • from a very young age I was attracted by the idea of
  • the representation through the drawing.
  • I have had the support of my family and my parents,
  • so I feel very lucky,
  • in fact,
  • I do not think that to the present day I dedicate myself to art,
  • but I try not to stop practicing painting,
  • which is different ``

This author is a faithful follower of the great Antonio Lopez, his teacher, developing his creation by personal paths, advancing towards the bottom of the essence of the felt image. Norberto González’s proposal is a discourse on the solitude of the city, a chant to the intimacy, represented in the gatherings at the door of the bars, when the dawn leaves its weight in the environment. He represents it palpably in his paintings, so that one can almost touch the dense, silent space of slow, almost frozen, moments of confidences and encounters, wrapped in the darkness of the night, caressed by the dim light of the lamp.