The two realities of José María Peña

The reality expressed in the painting often has a double image, a principal one that manifests itself, especially in the portraits, with special attention to the somatic details, which testify to the faithfulness of the painter’s brush with the model. But some artists like José María Peña, are able to bring out in the painted image a second reality, deeper, almost cellular, that appears on the figure in a second screen, wider and more extensive, which overcomes the conventional. This second reality is a synthesis of the artist’s investigative gaze and the inner anatomy of the deep I of the model, which is more difficult to highlight and appears in some privileged areas or spaces chosen by the painter, sometimes almost automatically. The main space in which this second reality is placed is the look: the eyes are moist, reflective and vibrate with the reflections of light, indicating an inner vitality. The other sector in which this second reality emerges is that which is conventionally defined: the face. But José María Peña proposes it with an articulated fusion of the mimic muscles and the skin in which the labyrinths of the muscular mask appear. The embodied seems to live its life on the surface, finding the atmosphere that marks its temperature, certified by the vibrations of light. The second reality of José María Peña, then, appears in the humidity of the eyes, vehicle of desires, aspirations and interior dreams, in the embodied that seems more real than reality itself and that indicates with precise touches its temperature and its porosity, and in the same dresses of the model, which appear through the fibrousness of the fabric as a projection of the body of the subject. When the portrait is finished, the two realities overlap, they seem to organize themselves in each other to appear in an iconographic synthesis that not only portrays the person, but manages to unveil their intimate interiority combined with the researcher and creative look of the artist.


Prof. Giorgio Gaggero



“Relatos de soledad” Sala de exposiciones Hacienda Santa Ana. Tomares. Sevilla


  • Galería Agora. Exposición 32 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. New York.
  •  “Nuevos Valores VIII” Sala Agrupación Artística Aragonesa. Zaragoza.
  •   Iglesia de San Francesco della Scarpa. “Uno sguardo particolare”. Lecce. Italia.


“Nuevos Valores VII” Sala Agrupación Artística Aragonesa. Zaragoza.


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Exposición “Uno sguardo particolare” Sala de Exposiciones del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla

Awards and distinctions

Finalista en el 32 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Galería Agora. New York

Finalista en el 12th International ARC Salon. Art Renewal Center. USA

Mención Especial en la 53 edición del Premio Ejército de Tierra de pintura

Seleccionado en el III Curso de Realismo y Figuración para pintores, impartido por Antonio López. Museo Casa Ibáñez. Olula del Río, Almería.

Preseleccionado en el 7º Concurso Internacional Figurativas ’13. 6º premio en lal IV Exposición Virtual Realismo en la Pintura.

Artwork in collections

Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (MEAM). Barcelona

Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Sevilla

Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones. Oviedo

Centro Cultural Italiano. Sevilla

Ayuntamiento de Villamartín. Cádiz

Ayuntamiento del Viso del Alcor. Sevilla

Ayuntamiento de Cantillana. Sevilla

Ayuntamiento de Sanlucar la Mayor. Sevilla

Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Guadaira. Sevilla

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