Retrato Sacris

Barcelona, 1969

  • This routine, which is usually repeated after trial,
  • has produced over the years endless notes,
  • some pretty elaborate,
  • others, only sketches, the most,
  • if only a few lines.
  • Notes that I have saved and with time,
  • already in the workshop,
  • I have been transforming into small oil studios.

Video of the exhibition “Desde dentro” at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona

The conversation between the artist and the public is usually silent. There are noisy exceptions, of course, but most live trapped in virtual prisons that escape their control and where the artistic wake gives off a whiff of marketing. Instead, there are cases, or experiments, that skip the two zero point and admit the convergence between worlds. We talk about SACRIS and his “Pinturas”, an artist who makes artistic discourse a collective celebration.

Individual exhibitions

Last collective exhibitions

Latest contests and awards

Balcó Foyer. Gran teatre del Liceu. Barcelona – “DESDE DENTRO”

Galería LA PLATAFORMA.. Barcelona – “PINTURAS”

Galería MITO, Barcelona – “SOCIEDAD”

Galería QUASARS, Manacor, Mallorca – “FRAGMENTACIONES”


Galería BOTO DE RODA, Torroella de Montgrí, Girona


Galería Esther Montoriol “delicARTessen 17” Barcelona

Galería Esther Montoriol “delicARTessen 16” Barcelona

National Portrait Gallery. London, Reino Unido

Galería Esther Montoriol “delicARTessen 9” Barcelona

Galería Santiago Echeberria. Madrid

Museo Casa de la Moneda. Madrid “figurativas´10”

National portrait Gallery. London, Reino Unido.

City art gallery. Southampton, Reino Unido

Dean gallery.  Edinburgh, Reino Unido

Galería Santiago Echeberria. Madrid

Casa América. Madrid

Fundación Fran Daurel. Barcelona

73 Exposición Internacional de Artes Plásticas de Valdepeñas (Seleccionado)

Premio Pintura Mutua Granollers  (primer premio)

BP Protrait Award 2011  (Seleccionado)

4to. concurso “Fundación de les Arts”  (adquisición de obra)

BP Portrait Award 2009   (Seleccionado)

3er. concurso “Fundación de les Arts”  (adquisición de obra)

XLVI Premi a la pintura Jove. Sala Parés   (Seleccionado)

22e premi de pintura Villa de Cambrils   (Finalista)

X Bienal de Pintura Jove   (Seleccionado)
Premio de Pintura Honda  (Seleccionado)