Barcelona 1940

  • My Barcelona is the Eixample.
  • The street of Barcelona is not the Ramblas, it is the Paseo de Gracia.
  • I was a gray painter, because Barcelona is a gray city, until I went to Havana.
  • It fascinated me, yes, when I discovered it.

Throughout his pictorial life, Vives Fierro seems to have followed a trajectory of the chromatic vitality infrequent in the artists, who usually end up installed in a style turned into synthesis or styling of themselves. I think of Matisse, suppose. But over the years Vives Fierro catapults this joyful expression of the tones and the trace that I have been recording, as if the basic rules of composition cease to exist to allow the boiling of colors as the principle and goal of the canvas.

The Vital Vitality of Vives Fierro


Antoni Vives Fierro is one of our most veteran artists, with us since our beginnings, we have considered that his trajectory of more than 50 years of painting did not refer to a simple CV.

For this reason, we show you here some very few articles about his exhibitions and important work in a newspaper as significant as La Vanguardia de Barcelona

La Vanguardia 3 de Marzo de 1985 con motivo de la exposición sobre "El Gran Teatre del Liceu"
Miscelanea a cargo Sempronio en La Vanguardia del 12 de Noviembre de 1985
Reportaje sobre la exposición dedicada a la Bolsa de Barcelona el 4 de Septiembre de 1988 en La Vanguardia
Exposición de Vives Fierro en Madrid, nota de prensa en La Vanguardia el 3 de Mayo de 2004
Reportaje sobre la exposición basada en las imágenes de distintas ciudades en La Vanguardia el 9 de Junio de 2010
ültima exposición de Vives Fierro en El Quatre recogida en La Vanguardia del día 3 de Diciembre de 2013
Entrevista en la Vanguardia el 7 de Marzo de 2015 con motivo de la publicación de su libro "Olor a trementina"