• Claudia Vives-Fierro has managed to make a double jump.
  • Or maybe triple.
  • Art within art, but from personal anecdote. Reality reproduces a fiction that, in turn, tries to be real.
  • Art breaking the border of what is fiction and what is not.
Claudia Vives Fierro tries to combine a multitude of artistic actions.

He has a restlessness outside of normal and that shows in his activities

It is an all terrain.

Photography, cinema, sculpture, painting and one of his activities more “curious” the DJ ‘


“Spectators” is a set of pieces that present scenes where spectators are shown, either collectively or individually in different spaces looking at some images.
I am interested in highlighting the figure of the viewer because it is well known that the works are not finished until they are hung and watched. Art lives in the moment in which arises arguments with respect to what is seen.

The arguments of the spectator will vary depending on the emotion that can awaken what he looks at but also depends on the cultural background of each one; Their readings, their beliefs, their preferences, their views, their influences … ultimately their experience. All this will allow you to build your own story.

What these spectators observe are pre-existing images, media icons, images of daily or universal life, of popular culture, the media, which form part of our collective imagination. Images that open the possibility of evoking other images, other ideas, other worlds, with a reflexive, critical, ironic intention …. Which can give different levels of reading and that pretend to appeal to the intelligence of the viewer and to build consciously Or unconscious his narration.

Text by Claudia Vives Fierro for her exhibition in El Quatre

“Spectators of luxury”

Latest exhibitions


In 2016 she exposes in Galeria Àgora 3 in Sitges.

In 2015, she exposes in the Sala d’Art El Quatre de Barcelona.

In 2014, she shows her work in the Sala de Exposiciones de St. Francesc, in Formentera. She participates, as well, in the Under the Subway Videoart Festival of New York.

In 2012, she exposes in the premises of Mise en Scène, in Barcelona; she proceeds by exposing later on that year, in the Galeria Berri in Ibiza.

In 2011, she shows her work in the Galería Hartmann of Barcelona, and the Galería Agora, of Sitges.

In 2009, she received the URL2009 Award in the painting category.

From 2003 to 2008 member of the directing bord of Futbol Club Barcelona.

In 2007, she exposes in the Galería Hartmann of Barcelona, and the Galería Berri  in Ibiza.

In 2005, she shows her art in the Gran Hotel la Floria de Barcelona, and participated in the Feria InArt of Gerona.

In 2004, she exposes in Andorra and the Fontanals of Cerdanya.

In 2003, she exposes in the Galería Hartmann of Barcelona, and participates in the Fair LOOP of videoart.