On April 4, 1986 it was opening its doors El Quatre, Sala d’Art in the Santa Esperança’s street in Granollers (Barcelona). In that moment it was beginning a long way where the promotion of the contemporary painting and sculpture, it has been the conductive thread and the main line of the Art Gallery. The artists most representative of the current figurative have happened for our space and with the step of the years, although in a small town, we did a name to ourselves inside the explanatory panorama of the country. The assistance to International Fairs of Art has provided to our Gallery an important projection out of the habitual area.

Precisely this need for expansion towards the exterior, in a smaller and smaller world and the opening to new markets, made necessary ours

I move a city as Barcelona with a confirmed international projection. We open the new Art Gallery in Barcelona with new ideas and new illusions and till now we have worked to keep on spreading the work of our artists in this big city.

There has come now the moment to adapt to the new times and the technology gives us the opportunity to do without a physical concrete space and to move to the virtual world. Our goal is to facilitate to the whole world the possibility of buying works of quality art of way online, and what better way that this web page where you will be able to see the work of our artists of a comfortable, rapid way and without need of displacements. To see what style or what price is convenient for you more and how to place them in your house across our new service of curating made-to-measure.

” El Quatre on Cloud ” so, it allows you from your house, to visit the Gallery of Art online without effort and clear it is, to buy Art online from any part of the world with the maximum guarantees of privacy and of return of your acquisitions before any problem

We, Rosa Ferrer y Xabier Fernández are gallery owners from 1986. In these thirty years of dedication to the world of the painting and the contemporary, figurative and realistic sculpture, we have done to ourselves a proper and personal criterion with which to select the works of our artists, always looking for the quality and the professionalism.

Our mission is it of being able to transmit our love and admiration for the work of our painters and sculptors from a gallery of art online thought about Barcelona, Spain, up to the whole world.